Tuesday, October 4, 2011

POST 2011- Open Studio @ Sherman Mills

These photographs that I took show you selected work done in 2011 in my studio in my home and in Vermont at the Vermont Studio Center during an Artist Residency in July. The works on paper usually start with a monotype. Some stay a monotype, using water or soy based ink. They often go through the press several times until I am satisfied with the image. Very often, I add collage, using handmade or other papers to achieve the effects I want. I feel like I am painting with the paper, tearing bits and pieces of paper, creating the images and layers I want as I go along. I then often print again, sometimes more monotype, sometimes silkscreen, or stamping or other techniques. I also draw with colored pencils, woodies, crayons, charcoal, pencils, whatever, or add natural materials such as shells, etc. That's why it's called MIXED MEDiA!! Anything goes to get the effect that I want.

I am intrigued by memory and what remains in our mind's eye. My work reflects scenes from previous travel and life experiences. More than a report on how it was exactly, it is a response to the color and pattern of the landscape and my reaction to it. My work is informed by an accumulation of such scenes and the pleasure I get from the printing process itself. I represent the hidden and reveal the atmosphere creating personal memoir that evokes the mystery of memory and the magic of place.

See more of my work on the gallery pages in my website.

I participated in POST @ Sherman Mills to be part of the city-wide event which was really fun. I loved having people come through to see my work which they could not do in my suburban home. There were 10 of us who rented studios for POST @Sherman Mill and many others around the city. The next POST weekend is Oct 15 & 16. Find out more at