Friday, August 12, 2011

Vermont Studio Center- Monotypes Part 1

These five monotypes are part a series of monotypes created at an Artist Residency at Vermont Studio Center which explores reaching your limits, exploring your edge, seeing the light both physically and metaphysically, and appreciating the wonder, joy and gifts of life, especially in the afternoon of life. The entire series can be seen on my website in the gallery As We Are Reaching.

They are from the top: By Gravity Alone 1, By Gravity Alone 2, Balanced for Now, Time Swept Up 1 and Time Swept Up 2.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vermont Studio Center- The Object of My Affection

Now you know! The reason I was so happy and so directed for 2 weeks in Vermont at the Artist Residency- yes!! I was in love. and there is a picture of the object of my affection- the press that I had virtually to myself just a few feet away from my personal studio. I did all my printing on that press. And, as it turned out, even with more printers than presses, I never had to wait!! The timing was always perfect.

The amount of work I got done in 2 weeks of consistent creating and printing with no distractions, no chores or regular life responsibilities like laundry or meal preparation, no TV, Twitter or Facebook was comparable to 4 to 6 months of work at home. Of course, I would not be willing to give up everything I like to do for a very extended period of time- no social media, no TV (I do have shows I DVR after all) as well as friends and family I missed.

But going to an Artist Residency is something I want to do on an annual basis so I know I can focus for 2-4 weeks on my art and get a lot done in a short, saturated fabulous time in the mountains of Vermont with the object of my affection once again.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Vermont Studio Center-Barbara White Print Studio

Having a print studio available 24/6 (I observe the Sabbath and do not print on Saturdays) was a dream set-up! The Barbara White Studio on Main Street has a large print studio that accommodated the 4 printers scheduled for July very well, especially since Sage Dawson was preparing her collograph plates the whole time I was there and rarely used the press. Deborah Sosower did a lot of hand printing because she made some very large woodcuts. She and I collaborated on a short series of smaller woodcuts with chine colle as well. Mariana Smith, the fourth printmaker, combined various printmaking techniques and drawing into her prints, including burning which she did in the sculpture building.

As you can see from the photographs, taken by Sage Dawson, the print studio is comprised of 2 rooms and has two presses. There is a lot of room for preparing the plates and for cleaning up after. The pictures show the space for all of us. Each artist also has a private studio. In the next post, I will show more of the smaller print studio that was next to my private studio where I printed most of my work.