Monday, March 21, 2011

Emerging Spring- The ART of Nature and Flowers

I just returned from a visit to Atlanta and spent a lovely afternoon at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, a favorite spot of mine. Atlanta Blooms! is the current show and boy! is it dazzling- 200,000 bulbs are blooming- tulips and daffodils abound. Also, the annual Orchid Daze exhibition makes a splash with thousands of lovely orchids floating against the backdrop of dramatic water features.

This visit and my recent visit to the Philadelphia Flower Show created a desire for spring that could not wait until the weather turned warm. I had to create my own personal spring in my studio. I created the series "Emerging Spring" using vivid colors,lots of green, floral papers and an optimistic outlook hoping for warm breezes by the time I was finished.

Images from the top are mixed media works on paper: the series Emerging Spring 1 through 6.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Art Inspired by Travel- Ebb and Flow Series

In this series Ebb and Flow, I use monotype and collage to express the mystery of memory and what has remained in my mind's eye from years gone by. I am often surprised by the images that come back and the memories that surface as some experiences of today imitate those of yesterday. Why those? The places I have visited and the scenes I have seen remain in my mind and become part of me. My most recent trip to Hawaii is freshest in my mind and is reflected in the ocean blue used in the series. The intricate circle of life and its impermanence is one of the themes explored in this series.

The images shown are Ebb & Flow 1 through 4. To see the complete series, visit my website

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sun and Sea- Mixed Media Series Inspired by Hawaii

Traveling to the Hawaiian Islands, watching the ocean, sky and beaches... experiencing the colors, textures and smells...retaining images and memories... from different locations... In this series Sun and Sea, I create visual memoirs, informed by an accumulation of what remains in the mind's eye and my passionate response to color. I am also reminded of other beach scenes over the years, of other times, other oceans...blending experiences and creating timeless imagery as I explore the mystery of memory and the magic of place using hand-pulled printmaking techniques, collage and mixed media.

This series of 12 mixed media monotypes is made by several layers of traditionally pulled monotype with collage, silk screen print, stamping, oil pastel, colored pencil.

Titles of images from top are: By the Beautiful Sea, Allowing the Light Through, Bubbles of Contentment, Cause for Optimism.

Contact me for information about purchasing these works at

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Big Island Hawaii- Nature's Beauty

Hawaii’s Big Island offers experiences found in no other place on earth. A variety of climatic zones, from seasonal snow-capped mountains to black sand beaches, stretch across its vast topography creating rich pockets of adventure for visitors to explore. The entire island is beautiful and opened to picturesque vistas. We stayed at a lovely hotel on the Kona side on Kohala Coast called Mauna Kea Beach Hotel

South Kona pictured in the photographs shown here is shrouded in history. Kealakekua Bay is the spot where the the famous Captain Cook met his fate. There is a small monument commemorating the event but it is hard to spot across the bay. Why did he come onto the island at this spot? Who killed him?

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Maui, Hawaii- Napili Bay Area

Napili Bay is a classical crescent-shaped bay with a sandy beach, located at the far northwest corner of Maui. It is fully developed, in terms of having various kinds of lodging, basic shops, and rental business. Yet the bay is quite secluded and still preserved with the natural beauty and charm of a tropical beach. Unlike Lahaina old town (30 min) or Ka'anapali (20 min) to its south, Napili Bay is pristine Hawaii without abundant tourist population or traffic, or any entrapment such as shopping mall, chain stores/eateries and big tour buses.

The eastern side of Molokai is visible straight across the bay at a distance. Its tall mountains, steep slopes with green valleys, as well as the island cloud formations can change in appearance and mood according to the time of the day. The north side of Lanai can be seen to the far left side when facing the bay. It is toward there that daily sunset can be seen over the horizon, unobstructed by Lanai (unlike the view in Lahaina or Ka'anapali).

Kapalua Bay is the next bay north of Napili Bay. It is publicized for good snorkeling and diving, yet there is only one lodging on the bay (Kapalua Resort). To avoid the limited parking there, one could easily walk there from Napili Bay. To the north end of Napili Bay is Napili Kai Beach Resort where we stayed, which stretches from the beach to the top of the headland, where the resort's entrance is next to the short trail for going to Kapalua Bay. One can walk up the steps that leads from the beach to the main lobby, then out to the parking area and turn left to get to the trail (around 10 min).That public trail is also the beginning of a nature hiking trail that meanders along the shoreline boundary of Ritz Carlton Resort in a northern direction. It passes through a headland that has many interesting volcanic rocks and then passes by the Honolua Bay.

Photographs: From the top: Looking out at Molokai from Napili Kai Resort, view from the trail, the view of Molokai from the trail, the rolling waves of Spenser's Bay.