Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sun and Sea- Mixed Media Series Inspired by Hawaii

Traveling to the Hawaiian Islands, watching the ocean, sky and beaches... experiencing the colors, textures and smells...retaining images and memories... from different locations... In this series Sun and Sea, I create visual memoirs, informed by an accumulation of what remains in the mind's eye and my passionate response to color. I am also reminded of other beach scenes over the years, of other times, other oceans...blending experiences and creating timeless imagery as I explore the mystery of memory and the magic of place using hand-pulled printmaking techniques, collage and mixed media.

This series of 12 mixed media monotypes is made by several layers of traditionally pulled monotype with collage, silk screen print, stamping, oil pastel, colored pencil.

Titles of images from top are: By the Beautiful Sea, Allowing the Light Through, Bubbles of Contentment, Cause for Optimism.

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