Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Departure from the Familiar: Art Inspired by My Alaska Trip

Believe Your Eyes 1- Mixed Media
Believe Your Eyes 2- Mixed Media

Glacier Sparkle- Monotype with Collage

Northern Lights 1- Mixed Media

Northern Lights 2- Mixed Media

Northern Lights 3- Monotype

Resilient Retreat 1- Monotype with Collage

Resilient Retreat 2- Monotype with Collage

Resilient Retreat 3- Monotype with Collage  
Travel is about departure from the familiar. whether it is in the Antarctic or the hills of Rome, the point is to get away from your everyday existence and be in a new environment, to give up your everyday self to the new surroundings and the new context.

Alaska is a place of space.. vast and beautiful space... the eye can see further than it can on Fariston Drive on anywhere else I usually go in my regular life. The land, the water, the ice- all contribute to the unforgettable beauty of Alaska! The vistas are large, colorful and exciting. I bring all these elements into the works on paper that I made inspired by the many images that linger in my mind's eye.