Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vermont Studio Center- The Object of My Affection

Now you know! The reason I was so happy and so directed for 2 weeks in Vermont at the Artist Residency- yes!! I was in love. and there is a picture of the object of my affection- the press that I had virtually to myself just a few feet away from my personal studio. I did all my printing on that press. And, as it turned out, even with more printers than presses, I never had to wait!! The timing was always perfect.

The amount of work I got done in 2 weeks of consistent creating and printing with no distractions, no chores or regular life responsibilities like laundry or meal preparation, no TV, Twitter or Facebook was comparable to 4 to 6 months of work at home. Of course, I would not be willing to give up everything I like to do for a very extended period of time- no social media, no TV (I do have shows I DVR after all) as well as friends and family I missed.

But going to an Artist Residency is something I want to do on an annual basis so I know I can focus for 2-4 weeks on my art and get a lot done in a short, saturated fabulous time in the mountains of Vermont with the object of my affection once again.

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  1. No wonder you fell in love!! Naturally you have to return again and again!