Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dragonback Lines

The course I took at the Barnes Foundation discussed the four plastic means: color, line, light, and space. I feel the color is a special gift to the world from the Creator. After all, it would still be a beautiful and awesome world in black and white, right? Line always intrigued me. I have been attracted to line in nature as well as in art and adore Toulouse-Lautrec for his dynamic fluid lines. The Barnes has one of his works with a women's neck that I would stare at for hours.

Traveling in China, I saw the Dragon's Backbone terraced rice fields in the country side and was fascinated by the pattern and shape of the lines in landscape. The first work I posted on this blog on Friday- Dragonback Lines 3- is a mixed media piece inspired by such a landscape.

Here I have shared a photograph of the actual terraced rice fields and another interpretation of it titled Landscape Lines 4, a monotype.

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