Sunday, June 21, 2009

Majestic Water

The magic of place is not only the natural wonder of the amount of water rushing from the calm Zambezi River as it plummets so far down the fall; it is also the rainbows. Beautiful rainbows or double rainbows are visible from every angle. What a treat!!

Majestic Water, a monotype shown on top, shows rainbow colors peeking in and out of the picture plane.


  1. wow. the photo is stunning and the art is excellent. i love how you get your original ideas from nature and then move on.

  2. From Carol Taylor- Kearney:

    Enjoyed the blog. The images were magical. It whetted my appetite to see them in person--so much color and texture. I especially appreciated the way you transcribed the light, so specific to the phenomenon yet emotive and personal.
    Congrats on a beautiful body of work!--Carol

  3. From PJ Teller:

    "ain't no moss growin on you girl!!!" really fantastic blog. You ever hook up with any of the travel talks??? It is very inspirational what you do.

  4. From Nancy Gold:

    Your colors and narrative create a truly intimate experience. I'm humbled by your talent.

  5. From Valetta:
    The blog page looks great and the text is interesting!

  6. Some people have trouble getting on the blog so they send me the comments and I post them. Anyway it comes, feedback is welcome.