Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Photomontages- Vienna

Many Jewish stores, factories and buildings were destroyed here during Kristallnacht on November 9-10. 1938. More than 65,000 Jews were sent to concentration camps from Vienna. Only 2000 survived. About 800 Jews who managed to hide survived the war.

The cultured, well-educated Jews of Vienna who were killed during World War !! never had the chance to produce and contribute to the the world what they were supposed to. How much the world lost!

Vienna In/Security

Known for its pastries and waltzes, Vienna has a checkered history of expelling Jews, Vienna was the center of the Hapsburg Empire. From 1938 until 1945, it served as the provincial capital of the German Reich. Anti-Semitic feelings persisted in Austrian society after the war and are still present today. In the late 1980's, Kurt Waldheim, a Nazi collaborator, was elected president of Austria.

Hearing the same sirens used by the SS during the war was an unsettling experience evoking the terror of that time.

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