Saturday, January 23, 2010

Cultural Prague

Prague is a cultural center with many places to see. The National Museum's main building is the design of the famous Czech architect Josef Schultz and dates from the national revival period in Prague at the end of the 19th century (1885-1890.) There are many long term exhibits there.

We also visited St. George's Convent which has a permanent exhibition of Mannerist and Baroque Art in Bohemia. The Convent was originally a Benedictine convent founded in 975 which retains its early medieval character.

We visited the Museum of Czech Cubism which has been placed in the newly renovated Balck Madonna House. The unique Cubist building, designed by Josef Gocar, was built in 1911-1912. The museum presents Czech Cubism as an artistic trend which influenced all spheres of fine arts.

The Franz Kafka Museum has a long-term exhibition of all the first editions of his works (1883-1924.) Correspondences, diaries, manuscripts, photographs and drawings as well as 3-D objects and 5 audiovisual works and music composed especially for this exhibit.

photos: top: tourists; next: view from the castle; third: town hall; bottom: kafka statue

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