Sunday, March 21, 2010

Costa Rica- Osa Peninsula, Drake Bay

We had to take off our shoes and wade to a motor boat which then took us to our hotel which could only be reached by boat, after our taking a 15-seater plane to a small landing strip and a brief jeep ride to the bay. Our hotel, the Aguila de Osa Inn on the left side of the bay was unreachable by car. We could, however, walk on the path 30 minutes to the town, which we did on several occasions to discover the elementary school, a middle school, as well as a lovely view of the bay and several buildings- one a bar and some outdoor stores, pictured above. After all, I am a city girl!! I love downtown!

The path ran in front of the hotel and went for about 6 miles. It followed the bay and went to several beaches (more later) and passed several hotels. We saw many people walking by. People who worked in the hotels used the path to get to work. Tourists used the path to go from place to place. It was a well beaten path. There were no cars in the area.

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