Monday, June 28, 2010

Umbria, Italy- Todi and Spoleto

Todi is a picturesque medieval hill town with storybook charm in the southern part of Umbria, 40 minutes from Spello on the way to Rome. It is near the Tiber River, overlooking the Tiber Valley. It is surrounded by medieval, Roman and Etruscan walls. Although it's a hill town, its center at the top of the hill is flat. The central piazza, originally the Roman forum, has several beautiful medieval buildings. Sights are close together and there are good places to linger, enjoying the views and the ambiance. Todi photographs are bottom three images.

Spoleto, one of the largest towns in southern Umbria, is a hill town in Italy famous for its summer music festival, Festival dei Due Mondi, with interesting Roman, medieval, and modern sights. It was inhabited in prehistoric times and the lower parts of its wall are from the 6th century BC. Spoleto is a walled town built on a hillside with most of the sites in the compact upper town. Above Spoleto is a medieval Rocca and spanning the deep gorge to one side of the Rocca is Spoleto's most famous sight, Ponte delle Torri or Bridge of Towers (Photograph third from top.) Spoleto photographs are top three images.

Photographs are from the web.

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