Sunday, November 28, 2010

Paris Inspired Art- Monotypes Part 1

Capturing the excitement and energy of the streets of Paris is a daunting job. Paris is a walking city and I walked miles and miles, or should I say kilometers? Every neighborhood had its charm and flavor. In previous posts, I spoke about Marais where I stayed. Some of the energy and passion of this fabulous city is in the monotype if you look for it. The movement, the color, the application of the ink- all work toward expressing the sights and feelings of the experience of Paris in visual form, using color instead of words.

Top: Rendez-Vouz d'Octobre, monotype, bottom: Rues de Paris, monotype


  1. Paris is known as the city of art and fashion. Great pics. Regards from Hotel CDG

  2. Fashion country is what best describes the city of Paris.

  3. thanks for the comment. yes, fashion is de rigeur in paris. we saw several fashion shoots on the streets in le marais around place des vosges.