Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Trip Down Memory Lane- Absence and Reunion

In my most recent work I have been focused on memory and what remains in one's mind's eye. Images from memory are often included in the mixed media works. On May 22, I attended my 50th high school reunion so memories of high school have been on my mind. Reading over my high school yearbook and remembering incidents from those years as I reconnect with old friends, listening to oldies (some of my favorite music anyway)and remembering my hopes and dreams when I was a teenager inspired a series of 6 mixed media works on paper I have called Absence and Reunion. Here are three of them. I will post the others next time.


  1. Prom picture, 55 Chevy, dreams of travel symbolized by stamps from foreign countries, pictures from yearbook, music which was so important to teens,,, it's all there!!

  2. sounds like you had a great time at the reunion and the images you made had elements of your past included in them. could i give you some of my stuff when i have my reunion and could you make a memoir piece for me? i would really like one.

  3. The trip down memory lane can be a long and arduous one, depending on how tortuous your teen years were. Sounds like yours were not too bad!! I would like to hear more about the actual reunion!! More details next time please. Also, where did you go to high school? Can't quite make it out in the photo.