Saturday, September 10, 2011

Art Excursion to Pittsburgh- The Mattress Factory

The four artists on an ART excursion to Pittsburgh made The Mattress Factory one of our main stops. Originally a Stearns and Foster factory, this unique and delightful art venue has changing and permanent cutting edge exhibits of local and national artists. It is such a freeing and enjoyable place; it brought out the child in us. Yoyoi Kusama's art installations allow you to enter and then we had great fun in the two rooms she created. The blue one is called "Infinity Dotted Mirrored Room" and the other with mannequins is called "Repetitive Vision." Valetta posed in the doorway! Sandi Neiman Lovitz danced, Mary Kane and Valetta posed again and I took pictures which went on into infinity. What fun we had!!

Where would you find a venue that cuts a hole in the floor for an artist like the did for Sarah Oppenheimer's work called 610-3356? Or a permanent house for Greer Lankton's eerie "It's about Me, not YOU," filled with skeletons and other very unusual things.

The gold lame curtain stage is from Dawn Weleski's "City Council Wrestling," an installation that took up most of the basement. It brought out the ham in both Valetta and Mary Kane.

The Mattress Factory is a must-see stop in Pittsburgh!!


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