Sunday, December 18, 2011

Trials & Tribulations-Packing for 9 weeks

Many rules have changed since 9/11 concerning what you can and cannot pack and how much weight you can carry on planes. We are going to Western Australia and Asia with a 2 week stay in Spain on our way back. In 1998/99 we went on a 3 month trip which included eastern Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, Bali, India, Thailand, Italy and England and we took 28" gray suitcases as shown above in the bottom picture stuffed with kosher food for the areas where it would not be available.

This time, however, we are limited to 24" suitcases weighing only 40 pounds and 21" carry-ons which we had to buy ( blue luggage). We bought Delsey very light luggage! What to do with all the food we need to parts of Cambodia, Laos, Viet Nam and Myanmar where there is no kosher food and no vegan alternatives? I packed up a large box and mailed it to our hotel in Cambodia. The concierge said he would hold it for us until we arrive. We sure hope it gets there intact!! We are also sending one to the hotel in Spain where kosher food is scarce.

The center picture shows just some of the food we have sent!! Packaged food, mostly vacuumed packed, that I can heat up on a hot plate we carry with. Simple fare but it makes it possible for us to travel anywhere and see this beautiful and exciting world.

The top photograph is the complete luggage I will take. A 24" and a 21" suitcase plus a personal tote bag which I also put my pocketbook in. I have learned to pack few clothes, making room for all the other paraphernalia that I need. A few pants, a few tops, a bathing suit, a sweater, underwear, a nightgown. I wear the same things over and over. It is amazing how little one needs. When I come home and have a closet full of clothes, I am amazed at all the choices I have.

Of course, as we use up the food, I'll have room for buying some new things so my closets will be filled with some new choices too. That will be good, I am sure, since I will be sick of seeing the same few tops and pants.

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