Sunday, November 4, 2012

Inle Lake, Myanmar- Indein Village

On the road

Group lunch at a rest stop minus us!

Water buffalo out of its pen

Indein village ruined pagodas

Stupas in the distance

Carving was recreated

Vegetation is growing around the pagodas
The Indein  Village is located on the western shores of the lake. Indein  in Burmese means shallow lake. True to the name, the village of Indein  is situated in the shallow part of Inle Lake. The village can be accessible by boat only during rainy season and winter, and cannot be reached by boat during summer months, as the water becomes shallower during hot months.

Indein is quite famous among tourists for its collection of ancient ruined pagodas. At the entrance of the village, you can see a large group of tourist waiting boats, which partly ruin the nice atmosphere of the village. Nevertheless, the ruined pagodas on the hilltop are still a dramatic sight to see.

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