Tuesday, August 26, 2014

ALASKA- The Alaskan Railroad

The Alaska Railroad extends from Seward to Fairbanks (passing through Anchorage) and beyond to Eleison Air Force Base and Fort Wainwright in the interior of the state. Uniquely, it carries both freight and passengers throughout its system, including Denali National Park. The railroad has a mainline over 470 miles (760 km) long and is well over 500 miles (800 km) including secondary branch lines and siding tracks. It is currently owned by the state of Alaska. The railroad is connected to the lower 48 via three rail barges that sail between the Port of Whittier and Harbor Island in Seattle.

We took a four hour ride north through beautiful wilderness to Denali National Park. An amazing ride!!

All aboard!

En route to Denali by train

Awesome scenery on the way to Denali via Alaskan Railroad

Every turn provides another beautiful scene on the Alaskan Railroad!

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