Monday, May 9, 2016

Monotypes- My Favorite!

Monotypes are an immediate and intimate form of printmaking. Unlike, say, an etching, which once created allows a printer to apply ink at a later time and repeatedly produce multiples, for a monotype the artist paints directly onto a smooth surface, or matrix, such as a sheet of Plexiglas. Then, before the ink has a chance to dry, the matrix is run through a press, transferring the image to a piece of paper. It is a unique image that is not created to multiply. Hard to categorize, they are prints, but you could just as easily argue they are drawings or paintings. It’s opportunity for rapid, intense experimentation. The matrix is essentially destroyed in the process of creation. I like the immediacy of the process although I often have apply many layers which can take time.

Working directly over the original matrix is one way of experimenting or playing with differences—different kinds of refinement, accent, tone, playful variations, using collage or other mixed media. Derived from places, memories, and emotions, I explored compositions and content that is fueled by the elusiveness of the subconscious and the shifting of memories, most often of travel.

In Ferns and Trees (above), I have used several different modes of printmaking including monotype, silkscreen and stencil. I also added collage to complete the image as I wanted it. Inspired by travel to England's Cotswolds, I wanted to evoke the beauty and mystery of nature in this location.

This monotype is on display at Da Vinci Art Alliance's Home and Away exhibition until May 22. Visit for details of hours and special events.

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