Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Horizon Wave

Seeing the grandeur of a major mountain range like the Andes thrills me like the ocean thrills my husband. Could it be related to our astrological signs? I am a Taurus and he is a Pisces. Not sure, but I do know that the mountains do something to my soul and psyche and inspire me visually.

I have always seen or sensed the wave of the mountain at the horizon. Maya Lin, who designed the Viet Nam Memorial in Washington DC, has created Wavefield, an 11 acre landscape installation at Storm King in New York. I am currently doing a series Earth Waves based on that concept for two shows I am in this March 2010.

Yet here is a piece from 2007 and you can see the wave has already been introduced into my visual vocabulary. Maybe that is why I am so intrigued by Maya Lin's work. I am planning to go see it this fall. Maybe it is also a way of synthesizing the earth and water signs of my marriage. What I know for sure is that visually it works for me.

This is image is Horizon Variation 1, a viscosity monotype.

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