Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Favorite Ocean Vacations

Some of my favorite vacations included ocean stays. A trip along the South Ocean Road in Australia which included a stay on Kangaroo Island was one of my all time favorites. Arranged by Esther Beckman at Altour International, I would recommend it highly (914-993 -4085).

Another favorite was Cairns in the tropical north of Australia, which seemed an oxymoron to me. But it was a fabulous area. We stayed there a week and had a wonderful time exploring the area. The Great Barrier Reef, the Daintree Rain Forest, where the Rainforest meets the reef, snorkeling, boating, crocidiles, mangrove trees, lots of exctement. @whitsunday on twitter.

Another favorite was Prince Edward Island which is a great surpsie. Although it is far north, the Gulf Stream makes the water warm and comfortable for swimming. The red earth and farmland right up to soft sand beaches made it a nice contrast. We stayed on the north shore. (

St Martins on the French side was very relaxing and wonderful for a week. We stayed at L'Esplanade which I found online. Lovely rooms with kitchenettes and easy access to wonderful restaurants if you wanted. We rented a car and drove to different beaches every morning and afternoon, until we found two we really liked and then went to those more often. The Atlantic side had waves. (

Moorea was also an amazing ocean vacation. In a small bungalow only yards from the South Pacific (pinch me), we watched the palm trees sway in the breezes. Problem was the reef was so thick, you could not swim or walk in the water there. We did snorkel and swim in other parts of the ocean, however. The resort we stayed at had many activites everyday. It was paradise in so many ways. Contact Esther Beckman for travel plans.

A special ocean vacation is Long Beach Island, a favorite spot for over 25 years. Right on the New Jersey shore, it is hard to beat!! Beautiful sandy beaches, great waves for body surfing, not too far from home, only blocks between ocean and bay, Old Barney lighthouse, Fantasy Island amusement park!! Heaven on earth vacation spot. Plus LBI Foundation for the Arts and Sciences. (

The pictures from the top are: Easter Island in the South Pacific Ocean, Harvey Cedars on Long Beach Island in the Atlantic Ocean, Cape Horn in the South Pacific/Atlantic oceans, Turks and Caicos Island in the Caribbean, and Ocean City in the Atlantic Ocean


  1. As you can see from the choices near and far, it is not necessary to travel far to reach a favorite destination!!

  2. Like your comparison of the difference ocean views. Although Kangaroo Island sounds lovely, it is too far for me to consider. Prince Edward Island also sounds great but, though not as far, is still quite a tek. I think I will consider Long Beach Island which is only 2 hours from Philly!! I might go there the next sunny day when I am feeling vitamin D-deprived. Thanks for the travelogues. I enjoy your information and images.

  3. Linda, I can relate to what you said about travel. A few years back my husband and I traveled to Spain - I have relatives there - and he initially didn't see the point in going. Once he went though, his eyes were opened to the value of traveling to different places. He saw how it is a real education for one's self to see how other folks live and think and feel. I thank God every day for my good fortune of having a family that is connected to Europe. My mom was Spanish-born and married a South Philadelphian. I grew up in Pennsylvania, learning from my mother things about another culture. Traveling really does make the world smaller. Thanks for bring some of the world back home to us in your pictures!

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