Thursday, November 12, 2009

Some Synagogues in the Wine Region

Many of the small villages in the Tokaj region had thriving Jew communities living there for centuries. The synagogues were imposing buildings. The rabbis were well-known and respected. Some of the synagogues are now arts and crafts centers, or old age homes, or government offices. None of them have any indications on them that they were once synagogues- no signage. There are a few Jews that still live in the area that come to tell you the history, that take care of the building if it is still a synagogue- only two that we saw. In the whole area, there are only nine Jewish families. Many Jew were killed in the war. The survivors left to go to Israel or other places. Most Jews in Hungary live in Budapest or some in Dubrecen.

In my next post, I will show some pictures of the cemeteries and show you some graves of famous rabbis. Some of the families have made it their life's work to tend to the graves and keep the cemeteries clean and sanctified.

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