Monday, April 19, 2010

Disney World- for the 7th time!

Disney World in Orlando, Florida is a magical world of suspended reality. I find it an oasis from real life. The place is always totally clean; everyone is friendly and pleasant; the cost is outrageous but you charge everything to your room key so it is not like real money. You are there to enjoy yourself and have fun- and you do!

My first visit was with my son when he was 16. He really did not want to be with his mom and often left me to go by himself. I called my sister from there (on a pay phone to let you know how long ago this was) and asked her why I had gone with him and not her? I thought you needed to go with a kid. I had no idea that adults could go to Disney World alone. The next visit my sister and I went together and had a ball!! We stayed at Port Orleans- Dixie Landings which is now called Port Orleans- Riverside. I still stay there. It is on of the Disney Resorts and is a moderately priced hotel on the Disney grounds.

Then I made a promise to my grandchildren that I would take each one to Disney World when they turn 5. I figured 5 was a good age: old enough to remember the trip (after spending all this money, I wanted them to remember our going) but young enough not to want to go on the scary rides I would not want to go on. So far my system has worked.

I just got back from taking Ari, my 5th grandchild to turn 5. When we discussed going when Ari was around 3, he did not seem so excited about it. But as he 4th birthday approached, he told his mother he decided to skip being 4 and was ready to go directly to 5. She explained it did not work that way and he had to be 4 before 5.

Then he met his future kindergarten teacher who told him that he would be in her class when he would be five.

"No," he told her. "I can't be in your class when I am 5."

"Why?" she asked.

"Because I am going to Disney World with my Bubbie (Grandmother) when I am five," he answered.

Photographs taken at Port Orleans- Riverside by Linda Dubin Garfield

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