Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Myanmar- Full of Surprises!

Right from the start, I was surprised by Yangon which has no motorbikes- only cars and buses. There is also a beautiful synagogue there with only one Jewish family left of a once thriving community. On the from the airport, I saw a ferris wheel.

Yangon combines modern and traditional buildings, the most famous pagodas and temples in the country and I will blog a more about them with more pictures when I get home.

Now I am at a lovely spot at Lake Inle called Pristine Lotus Hotel and Spa which is heaven on earth, so beautiful and calm. The staff is friendly and nice. Minority groups live in the area and specialize in different handicrafts so everyday we go by boat to their villages to see how they make their wares. Yesterday was the 5 day market and we saw people from all around come to buy and sell. Wait until you see the photos! I hope the capture the color, drama and excitement of the day!


  1. As always, soo fascinating!

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