Monday, February 27, 2012

Spain- Seville

What a treat to be in Seville, such a civil and delightful city in southern Spain! I am staying in an area called Juderia which I find out means the Jewish quarter. It is the old, charming section of winding narrow streets, lovely balconied homes with central courtyards and big gardens, and no Jews since they were all expelled in the 15th century. There are no synagogues remaining here.

There is a huge cathedral built on the same site as a mosque (the Muslims ruled here from the 8th to the13th centuries). It was the third Catholic cathedral to be built in the world after Rome and London.

Spanish Square, built in 1929, is breathtaking! Its tile work and Arabic influenced architecture made it the perfect setting for "Lawrence of Arabia." No picture can do it justice since it is so big and grand.

The streets are filled with people walking around as were the other Spanish cities but here I see more tourists from all over the world. Seville is a lovely spot filled with history, culture and fun!

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