Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hoi An, China Beach and Danang- Old Names: New References

Selling sweets for the Lunar New Year

Beauty abounds in all corners!!

Danang has a new meaning to me

China Beach
Hoi An's ancient bridge- over 700  years old

View from the hotel in Hoi An

Ruins of My Son, former center of Cham Kingdom

Ruins of My Son 2, former center of Cham Kingdom
Charming Hoi An is an old city 30 kilometers south of Danang. originally a horbor for tne Cham city at My Son, the town became a trading port for Chinese, Japanese and European traders, reaching its peak in the 17th century.

The average temperature in central Viet Nam is around 26 degrees Celsius, although it gets cooler in December and January. There are two main seasons- dry season from February to August and rainy season which starts in September.

China Beach, Danang- these places were associated with war- not lovely places to swim and relax. not flowers and peace. it's a disconnect  to reorient your thinking and conjure up new images. Viet Nam is a beautiful country with lovely, peaceful, friendly people.

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