Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Man teiV War from the Other Perspective # 2

Visiting Viet Nam was an interesting experience for me who lived through the Viet Nam War. I was opposed to the war and thought, especially in the later years, we should get out. It was very difficult to watch the movie at the War Remnant Museum which honored war heroes for killing so many Americans. Remembering they were mostly our young boys hurt and I was crying by the time the movie was over. The part of the Museum dedicated to journalists was also very moving. Many were killed during the war as well.

The Cu Chi Tunnels, 120 miles underground, used by the Viet Cong forces to fight the French and the Americans show the tenacity of the Viet Nam fighters during the war.

The Viet Nam people suffered a lot during the war as did the Cambodians who were both bombed excessively. They have decided to forgive and forget. The north and south have moved forward and created a unified country,  not without some issues, but Ho Chi Minh was a dedicated leader who had his people's best interests at heart. I really believe he did what he thought was best for his country and might have become more democratic or capitalistic if he had lived longer. He choose communism partly because they were the only people who helped him.


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