Sunday, August 5, 2012

Behind These Walls: Art Series based on trip to Viet Nam

Meditation 3, mixed media
Meditation 2, mixed media
Meditation 1, mixed media
Contemplation 5, mixed media
Contemplation 4, mixed media
Contemplation 3, mixed media
Contemplation 2, mixed media
Contemplation 1, mixed media
This series of monotypes was inspired by photographs of the walls of monasteries I took through Asia but mostly in Viet Nam outside of Hanoi in the small town of Bac Nihn.  I was exposed to Buddhism, visiting Temples, Stupas, Pagodas and Monasteries. Seeing the lovingkindness and sweet nature of the people, I came back and made these series of mixed media prints using photographs of monastery walls as the basis. I selected the saffron yellow color for several reasons- some of the buildings from the French are in that color as well as some monks wear it. I like combining modern technology and traditional printmaking techniques as well as mixed media in this series

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