Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Transforning Journey: Art Inspired by Trip to Myanmar

Cinnamon Memories 1

Cinnamon Memories 2

Cinnamon Memories 3

Cinnamon Memories 4

Bagan Discovery 1

Bagan Discovery 2

Saffron Memories 1

Saffron Memories 2

Travel transforms you, changes how you see the world and how you see yourself. Going to Asia, but especially Myanmar in 2012, was a transcending experience. The place is spiritual and the journey was too. Here is a series of my visual impressions of what I experienced there- the landscape, spice markets, fabrics, stupas, golden Buddhas, and especially, the people.

This series of one-of-a-kind monotypes with gold collage is my visual reflection and my visual memoir of a voyage (both external and internal) I will never forget. The art was inspired by my trip and the journey inspired me in so many ways, visual and others. I finished the series in late 2012 and then edited it more in 2013 as I thought about it more and added and subtracted  as it took a while for the images, ideas and memories to percolate in my mind's eye and manifest themselves more fully. Does the process ever really end? At some point, I say enough! I am ready to call it finished and let the public see it.

I showed some of these first in my solo show at Da Vinci Art Alliance in May 2013. Several of them are now available at the Accent Gallery in Ocean City, New Jersey. Contact me at garf621@aol.com for more details.

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  1. loved these at your show , a few years ago - still love them