Thursday, December 24, 2015

Cotswold England- Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

The Cotswolds is one of the most 'quintessentially English' and 
unspoiled regions of England where you cannot help but fall 
in love with the uniqueness of it.

The unique region officially covers an area of 790 square miles in the 
upper part of the southwest region of England and is the country's 
largest officially designated 'Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.'

Popular with both the English themselves and international visitors from 
all over the world, the area is well known for gentle hillsides (‘wolds’), 
outstanding countryside with river valleys, water meadows and 
beechwoods, sleepy ancient limestone villages, historic market towns 
and for being so ‘typically English’ where time has stood still 
for over 300 years.

I created 4 one of a kind works on paper, capturing the hills, colors 
and essence of this beautiful place.

Rolling hills and farm fields typical in the Cotswolds landscape

Cotswold Natural Beauty 1

Cotswold Natural Beauty 2

Cotswold Natural Beauty 3

Cotswold Natural Beauty 4


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