Monday, June 5, 2017

Hemeiji Castle- Japan

Hemeiji Castle
Hemeiji Castle is a hilltop Japanese castle complex located in the city of Himeiji, Japan. The castle is regarded as the finest surviving example of prototypical Japanese castle architecture, comprising a network of 83 buildings with advanced defensive systems from the feudal The castle is frequently known as "White Egret Castle" or "White Heron Castle"  because of its brilliant white exterior and supposed resemblance to a bird taking flight.

Himeiji Castle dates to 1333. It is the largest and most visited castle in Japan, and it was registered in 1993 as one of the first UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the country.The area within the middle moat of the castle complex is a designated Special Historic Site and five structures of the castle are also designated National Treasures. Hemeiji Castle is considered one of Japan's three premier castles. In order to preserve the castle buildings, it underwent restoration work for several years and reopened to the public on March 27, 2015.The works also removed decades of dirt and grime, restoring the formerly grey roof to its original brilliant white color.

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