Thursday, June 22, 2017

Shai Bar Ilan Tours and Chabd Japan

Shai Bar Ilan is the leader in the field of high quality organized tours for the orthodox traveler, including kosher food, a daily minyan and shmirat Shabbat. From 1980, when Shai Bar Ilan began organizing kosher tours, the world has opened up to thousands of travelers from Israel, USA, Canada, Europe and England.

In addition to visiting the most important places and sights in the area, Shai Bar Ilan tours include a visit to the local Jewish community and its institutions. A professional experienced well-traveled guide leads each tour along with an expert in the field. Religious services and gourmet kosher food are a standard component of each tour.

On Shabbat in cities with a Jewish community, Shai Bar llan travelers are guests of the Jewish community, joining them at the synagogue for the prayer services. Travelers meet with the local Jews and their leaders, so that we can share with them the history of their home together with their connection with Israel.

We ate at Chabad Tokyo and Chabad Kyoto. Our guides, Rona and Aaron Michelson were excellent as was our English speaking group!!

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