Monday, March 16, 2009

Kiss of Rain

The difference between the desert and the lush bush is startling. The greens are varied and bright; the landscape is full of life and color. Here is a view of the bush from our room in Little Vumbura, a wilderness site in a private reserve in the northern reaches of the Okavango Delta. It sits on an island so in order to get there, we flew in a small plane, drove almost an hour by 4 x 4, and then took a 15 minute boat ride. The views and animal sitings were well worth the trip.

This mixed media work Kiss of Rain captures the verdure and lushness of the bush.


  1. Linda, this is really lovely - lush looking. And I loved seeing the photos from your previous post. After reading you blog I went back and and had another look at the pieces you have in the Renaissance Gallery in Millville. Very insightful.

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