Friday, March 20, 2009

Sand Dunes

Sossusvei, in southern Namibia, is an enormous clay pan, flanked by the famous sand dunes that stand out against the blue sky. These dunes, the largest in the world, have developed over millions of years, the wind constantly remodeling the contours of this red sand sea.

The bottom photograph is of my husband coming down the dune. The top "photocollage,"** using digital imaging, traditional printmaking and collage is called Sand and Shadows.

** I have coined this name for the new combination of processes I am using to create this series of work. What do you think??

1 comment:

  1. Love it!
    I especially relate to the vast amount of atmospheric perspective you have grasped with the grayed value of the sand's farthest shadow. It appears quite far away, unreachable by hand, but totally enjoyable to one's eyes. Also, what you did with the curve of the sand's edge made for a wonderfully dynamic and strong composition.