Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Savuti Sundowner

Lois Maher, an emerging artist from New Jersey, asked to see the photographs that inspired the art I am doing from my recent trip to Africa. I have included 2 photographs (top and bottom) and one of my most recent monoprints ( so recent, in fact, that the ink might not be dry!) The Savuti Channel in Botswana has not had water for over 20 years. We were lucky enough to be there when it was filled with water. The Channel is in the Okavango Delta in northern Botswana which is the largest inland delta in the world. Its landscapes were lush and inviting.

Sunsets were spectacular and this monoprint Savuti Sundowner (center) is my interpretation and remembrance of the amazing light and colors of African sunsets. I am not interested in an exact replication but in my emotional and visual memory of the moment and place.


  1. These are beautiful pictures. I think your art is amazing!

  2. Choni Levene writes:
    Linda you are truly fabulous! I loved all your art, the photos and mixed media and most of all I enjoy the insight into your artistic and spiritual soul.
    I am so proud to be your friend.