Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Packing for Vermont Artist Residency- How Much Is Too Much?

I have been fortunate enough to have done a considerable amount of traveling in the last 12 years and each time I go, I travel lighter and lighter. I hardly bring any clothes with me. I wear the same things and wash them out. After all, who is going to see me if I am moving along the itinerary?? Also, who wants to carry the heavy load? My poor husband calls himself the "camel!" Another trick we have recently adopted, is not to check luggage unless absolutely necessary. We pare down to bare necessities.

We also need to leave space for purchases along the way. On the trip to Paris in Fall 2010, I had only a carry-on for a week stay. I did buy quite a bit and found I had to leave a weathered pair of sneakers and an old, but oh! so comfortable, pair of shoes to make room for the new purchases.

For this trip to Vermont, the clothes are not an issue- a few T shirts, pants, a Shabbas outfit, enough underwear and nightgowns not to do laundry and I will be fine.

BUT, I am wanting to take everything in my studio! I have overbought supplies like crazy, my rationale being "What happens if I run out of things and I am stuck in the middle of Vermont? So I bought 100 sheets of BFK Rives, my favorite printing paper. Or what if I want to collage a lot of things and I run out of the kind of non-toxic archival glue I prefer? So I bought out the store and got all 48 large tubes of it as well as fixative and more matte medium. I overloaded on printers' ink just to be sure and bought tons of fabulous hand-made and designer papers for collage. I will have a carful of supplies, enough to last a lot more than 2 weeks, I expect I'll run out of toothpaste before I run out of art supplies.

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  1. Wow. I really enjoyed reading about your preparing for and making the most of your time at the VSC. This post was really funny. What a cool experience. Living art.