Sunday, June 19, 2011

Preparing for New Options in Vermont!

Beside taking all the familiar supplies I have become used to having in my possession as I have described before, I am also taking new materials to experiment with while I am away. I have purchased canvas board to see if I can print on canvas and collage on it. Instead of doing works on paper, I will try my hand at making an image with ink on canvas. I have also bought varnish and matte medium so I can seal the work. Then I will not put glass over it. It is an experiment and I will see if I like how it looks.

I also bought colored 3-in-1 pencils called "Woodies" at Dick Blick online. They are like watercolors, colored pencils and wax crayons all in one. Several painters I know use them and like them and I like the effects they get. I am willing to try them and see what happens when I use them in my mixed media work. Art is an adventure and I am willing to take a journey to new and unknown places and see what happens. I have an open mind. If I like it, you will see the results. If I do not like it, you will not get to see the results. The art will stay in the back of my closet.

Meanwhile, I am beginning to get my things in order for the trip on June 30. I will be in Rhode Island for the weekend and then go to Vermont Studio Center for my 2 week Artist Residency on July 3.

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  1. Sounds like you're all set. Just keep in mind, you won't be able to use the matte medium as your final finish on your new works, it's too porous. (At least that's what the tech people at Golden Paint told me.) Can't wait to hear about your VSC experience. It's a wonderful place! - Tom