Monday, January 30, 2012

The Markets of Siem Reap- Tourists Galore

Siem Reap was the capital of ancient Cambodia. It is now the capital of the Angkor region and a very popular tourist region. There are 167 hotels in the city. There are many market areas- Night Market, Old Market, New Market. Most sell similar goods, many scarves, jewelry, carvings, souvenirs for tourists. The scene is crowded and colorful. There are many people in the streets. There are people hawking their wares. A new phenomenon is a fish pedicure. Fish eat the dead skin off your feet.I had never seen that and then understood the signs I had seen which read NO PIRANHAS!! Not for me, thank you. I did buy scarves for myself and gifts though.


  1. Wow! Beautiful pictures of the carves. Crazy fish pedicure. Not for me either! Every day is a new adventure. Amazing.

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