Friday, January 20, 2012

Singapore- Multicultural City/State

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We had a whirlwind tour of Singapore but fit so much into a short time thanks to our expert guide Patrick who was like family by the time we left!! Made up of 75% Chinese, 17% Malay and 7% Indian, Singapore teaches English as a first language in its schools and then your own cultural language as a second language. We visited Little India, Chinatown and the Malay section of Singapore as well as the biggest Orchid Garden in the world. We saw a wonderful art exhibit at the Singapore Art Museum as well as several malls where there are so many upscale stores we wondered how people can afford to shop there!! Norm went to a war museum while I shopped and went on the internet. We walked and walked around the town, seeing the architecture- many skyscrapers!- and shops, watching the people and how they live. It's a clean, easy to negotiate city. The subway is the way to travel!! Real estate is expensive. Owning a home is prohibitive. But for the traveler, it's a great, clean and safe place to come for a few days!! The trip is not complete without having a Singapore Sling at the original Raffles Hotel pictured above where the drink was originated!! Be prepared for sticker shock. The price is exorbitant!


  1. It looks like a really cool city to visit.

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