Saturday, January 21, 2012

Western Australia- Historic Albany

Our visit to historic Albany in Western Australia took us through the great Southern forests, through Walpole and Denmark. We stopped to walk among the giant tingle trees and you see us pictured above in the roots of one of them. We visited Tree Top Walk and walked 40 meters above the ground!! Founded in 1826. this beach-side town evolved along historical trade routes around Princess Royal Harbor or should I say Harbour? and King George Sound. There are several beautiful beaches with fabulous surf in the area. We tried them all!! Albany was a whaling town and the last whaling boat did not stop until the late 70's! The brig Amity is open for people to see as well as a several historical buildings including a schoolhouse. Western Australia is such a laid back and friendly place to be. We really enjoyed our stay. Everyone was so nice. Remember how it was to walk into a store and have someone come up and ask if they can help you? And mean it?? People are like that all the time. I got a cell phone since we rented a car and would be driving over 3000 kilometers. Jeff, the assistant manager at the Mercure Hotel Perth, helped me set it up. When my credit card info would not work, he took out his own credit card and charged the minutes to his own card!! Would this happen in the USA??

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