Monday, September 7, 2009

Casa Luna

Casa Luna, the red weathered 300 year old villa right in the heart of San Miguel, has been lovingly restored by Diane Kushner who makes you feel right at home in this colonial bed and breakfast where every room is a work of art. The gardens and courtyard are an intergral part of the buildings in Mexican architecture. I loved the integration of inside/outside here. For more information, visit

The colors and light of the surroundings exploded in my senses priming me for exploration. Using color, pastels, drawing, sketch pads because of their transportability, I was able to free myself of old barriers and create new textures and visions. Using rice paper and hand printing instead of BFK Rives and the traditional press, I experimented and achieved a different outcome from the usual. The colors were muted, but the process was immediate and spontaneous.

Many changes were taking place inside my head in Mexico. I could feel something going on....

Photographs from top: Casa Luna Wall, Casa Luna Roof, Casa Luna Fountain, Casa Luna Courtyard

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  1. This is a gorgeous place. Looks like a great vacation spot to keep in mind.