Saturday, September 12, 2009


I was spending the days with 11 other women all of whom called themselves artists. I was the only one who did not think of myself an artist. I considered myself artistic. I knew I was way better than average, but I never labeled myself an artist. I had one show in 1995 at the Temple University Alumni Center through a contact from Rita Lourie Galena and got good feedback from it, but it was an isolated and fun incident.

I walked around the town taking pictures and making prints in the studio I established in the bathroom at Casa Luna. We went on day trips a few days, shopping trips now and again and out for dinner and margueritas. The week was going by quickly.

Across the courtyard from me, one of the rooms had not be redone yet. The doorway (top photo) was still unfinished and raw. Most doorways in Casa Luna and in the town were works of art. I took many pictures of them. Here are several. Little did I know that a new door was opening for me into a new career and lifestyle.

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