Saturday, September 26, 2009

Perfect Climate in San Miguel

San Miguel has a delightful spring-like climate all year. The average day is brisk in the morning, with warm and sunny afternoons, and cool nights. At 6400 feet, both the humidity and the temperature is kept down and the air is clean and refreshing. Many tourist from North America come to San Miguel in the winter, where they can enjoy nice days in the 70s instead of the snow and the cold. But the winter nights still afford time in front of the fireplaces in the many bars, cafes, and bistros in town, and most find a sweater still necessary when the sun goes down.

The rains arrive after the hot dry month of May when San Miguel goes through a transformation into an oasis paradise. The rains continue, usually a brief shower in the late afternoon, until the month of September. Every day seems like a little slice of heaven on earth. The temperatures range from 70's to 80's year-round. For more information about San Miguel, visit

The sun became an important image for me in Mexico. I used it in the monotype series I made when I returned. From the top: Night Fiesta, El Sol, Mexican Morning and Daybreak are colorful, vibrant, and express my love of Mexico and my time there.

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  1. From Ellen Abraham
    Hi Linda,
    I love these colorful pieces on your Art/Travel blog.I have some wood carvings from San Miquel which they,of cource, are famous for. Someday I hope to get there.I also love your doorway photos.I too love to photograph doorways wherever I go. Don't you often wish after you photograph a door that it would magically open & you will be ushered into the interior of the home to get to know the people who live there? I do.

    Don't feel as though you've lost time in starting your career as an artist later in life. Think instead how much more you can bring to your artwork after a lifetime of various experiences which would not have been possible right after high school.So keep working and have no regrets !!