Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mexican Monotypes

I came home from San Miguel D' Allende changed forever. I left a hobbyist and came home an artist, ready to devote myself completely to my art. I cleared out a room and created a studio. I worked passionately for hours and hours on creating new work. I took workshops and classes, fine-tuning my techniques. I also learned about other printmaking techniques and materials. I wanted to become greener, using less toxic materials. I discovered Akua Kolors which are soy-based and much better for my skin than using oil-based inks which require toxic materials for cleaning, yet I could achieve the sheen I wanted when using them.

I went to a 4-day workshop created by Ileen Henderson of New Hope for Art, led by Susan Rostow who created Akua Kolors which I still prefer and use most often.

These monotypes are from a series I made at the workshop. From the top:
Moonlit Horizon, Mexican Sunset, Mountain Moon.

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  1. Linda,

    I tried to enter a comment on your blog (Art of Travel) I was not successful, even after we tried to set up a Google Act. Too much a novice I’m afraid! Anyway, here is my comment, you can post it or toss it if you like :-)

    I’m envious of your trip and creative inspiration in San Miguel; I’m still holding out for a group workshop in Tuscany...interested?

    Roberta Welburn-Milstead