Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Colores de Mexico

San Miguel is the seat of the of the municipality of Allende in Guanajuato which is the heartland of Mexico- geographically and historically. This is where men fought and died to create the United States of Mexico. San Miguel is a key tourist attraction of the area.

Everyday we either walked around San Miguel or took a van ride into the countryside to visit an interesting places not too far away. The rich colors of what I saw stayed in my mind's eye and influenced my work in my Casa Luna "studio" and when I got home.

Doing artwork everyday and being in an art community made me rethink what I was doing with my life and the direction I was taking. I found I really enjoyed what I was doing and wondered what was holding me back from staying focused on art more at home.

I started soul searching and reviewing life choices.

From the top: San Miguel in My Mind, mixed media (done at home;) Fiesta, monotype; Wall in Guanajuato, photo; San Miguel Doorway, photo

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