Monday, September 14, 2009

Reinventing Myself

Since the 1930's, expatriates have come to San Miguel to reinvent themselves. 70% of the foreigners living there are Americans, most retired. It is also know for its world-renowned community of artists, many of whom, while garnering international acclaim, have chosen to live and exhibit there in the numerous art galleries here. The extraordinary natural beauty, pleasant climate, warm people and dramatic sunsets make it an unforgettable artistic escape.

I created art everyday, walked the lovely streets, absorbed the charm and beauty of the landscape and Mexican culture, and thought about what I wanted to do with myself and my art. What was holding me back from being an artist? FEAR!! Fear of failure. Fear of ridicule. I decide I would follow my heart and my dreams and do what I had wanted to do but was afraid to do in high school. I was ready to accept public criticism and not fall apart over it. When we all presented our work at the end of the week, I presented mine and said that 11 artists came to Mexico but 12 artists were leaving!

Once I got home, I cleared out a room for my studio and got to work 24/6 (I observe the Sabbath) making up for lost time, I suppose. Here are some of the first works I did when I came home from Mexico.

From the top: Mexico Remembered 1, mixed media; Mexico Remembered 2, mixed media; Joyous Sunshine of San Miguel, mixed media, Art Group in San Miguel, photograph


  1. Hi Linda, I am the editor for . I found your "reinventing myself" story about San Miguel very inspiring and I am sure others might like to hear it also. Would you be interested in showing your art and writing a story about your experience on Please take a look at our site and if this interests you, you can reach me at - Congrats!

  2. Linda, I love the rich, hot colors you used here. And the variety of the multiple layers and shapes especially in the first piece, is a real treat for the eyes. I can't wait to see the piece live sometime. And, I can't wait to read about it! Where can we get that magazine?!